@fsfe You have to earn their trust by letting TPM2 remotely attest to Microsoft and other software vendors about who you really are, and “swear” in cryptographic terms that you are not running anything against their software. gnu.org/philosophy/you-the-pro

Old copy protection systems tried to control what your PC could do, and were always defeated. Remote attestation by itself permits your PC to do almost anything you want, but ensures your PC can’t talk to any services requiring attestation if they don’t like what your PC is doing or not doing. gabrielsieben.tech/2022/07/29/ gabrielsieben.tech/2022/07/25/

Without a [hardware] key, the diagnostic tool [for chairs with Dynamix DX control systems] can display parameter values and diagnostic messages, but nothing can be edited or written to a power wheelchair’s controller. DRM also restricts powered wheelchair users’ access to settings that allow them to fine-tune their controls. eff.org/deeplinks/2022/06/when

I have been using sqlite3 to teach SQL language intro. Now I've got expert backing this choice 🙂 fly.io/blog/all-in-on-sqlite-l

I used to use jq to process json. This zq looks interesting: brimdata.io/blog/introducing-z "Introducing zq: an Easier (and Faster) Alternative to jq"

Time to start using mastodon seriously. I'd like to follow eff, fsf, and fsfe but cannot catch up with their rich toots. Thinking about following someone who follow and boosts them and toots < 5 a day. Most interested in , , , freedom to . Any suggestions pls?

不過我覺得這確實比較像 twitter, 公開分享資訊用的。 比較不像 FB 可以私訊。

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