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由 開放文化基金會 與 中華民國軟體自由協會 共同合辦的 2019 開源科技訓練營,歡迎想瞭解的、想應用的、想參與更多開源計畫的所有人報名參加!

Open Document Format (ODF) is LibreOffice's native file format for storing documents. But how is it developed – and how can we all help to improve it? Regina Henschel explains all:

Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

#privacy #google #firefox #chrome #spy #encryption #tracker #cookies #surveillance

"My templates were included in LibreOffice 4.4 – it was a big surprise, and a pleasure for me that I could contribute to LibreOffice without changing the source code!" – Find out how Jun Nogata joined our community, and how you can too!

Linux for unmatched stability: Debian 10 "Buster" released!

Debian is what both Ubuntu (so also Mint, elementary OS, KDE neon and many more) and SteamOS base themselves upon, so the work that goes into Debian affects a great many other distributions.

Debian 10 comes with following desktop choices:

* Cinnamon 3.8
* GNOME 3.30
* KDE Plasma 5.14
* LXDE 0.99.2
* LXQt 0.14
* MATE 1.20
* Xfce 4.12

#Debian #stability #Linux #desktop #servers

AMD 第三代 Ryzen 处理器正式发售 AMD 第三代 Ryzen 处理器于  7 月 7 日正式发售。基于 Zen 2 架构 Ryzen 处理器是第一款采用 7 纳米工艺的桌面级处理器。各... | 来自 | (via Solidot)



6月29日下午一點,在「趣工作」空間704室(台北市光復南路102號7樓),我們將舉辦一場 LibreOffice Hackfest。歡迎對 LibreOffice code 有興趣的朋友一起來參加。詳情與報名請先寄email到


【RFA 現場直播 】612香港「反送中」 包圍立法會

Radio Free Asia live streaming from Hong Kong




Today we're announcing a new website: What can I do for LibreOffice! This helps newcomers to our project and community get involved – learn more about how and why we made it here:

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