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The 2nd in-person LibreOffice certification interview in Asia has been done. Four candidates: Eric Sun, Jun Nogata, Hitoshi Sugimoto and Jun Meguro, all pass the interviews and become LibreOffice Certified Professionals! Congratulations!

Legend said that if you take Writer candy you'll write better documents.

//But no Impress candies in the LibreOffice Asia Conference this time 😆


#晋江 #段子 #过于真实


開放源碼不代表開發者就拿不到開發費用,也不代表辛苦開發的成果會被人據為己有。PMPC 的作用是避免廠商套牢、藏在黑洞裡不肯見光;自由軟體的架構也確保過去開發者的貢獻一定會被紀錄與保留。

Our next C++ workshop is coming up on 23 May, and covers binary search trees. Learn all about them with the help of experienced LibreOffice devs!

宜蘭之聲 FM 90.7 空中快樂行節目,在四月底訪問了協會常務理事翁佳驥以及宜蘭縣政府計畫處資訊管理科莊翔筑科長,談在宜蘭縣推動 ODF 開放文件格式政策的原因、做法與現況。

In our latest Community Member Monday, we talk to Vera Blagoveschenskaya, who helps out in the LibreOffice Quality Assurance (QA) project: has been offline for weeks due to DDoS attack and may be online again early next week.

LibreOffice 6.3 is being developed by our worldwide community! Join our Bug Hunting Session on May 13 to fix issues in the first Alpha release, and make the final version rock-solid:

Get help from experienced C++ developers and expand your knowledge! Join our workshop tomorrow (9 May), covering binary trees:

99 sticker packs have been awarded so far in the Month of LibreOffice! Want to get some for yourself? Take 20 minutes this weekend to help our project and get your name on the list:

本站加入了 Mastodon Relay:

聯邦時間軸越來越精彩了 ;-)

"I got valuable experience communicating with a worldwide community" – LibreOffice contributor Roman Kuznetsov talks about how he joined our project, what he's working on, and where how he'd like to see the software develop:

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