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openclipart 曾經是 svg 檔最大的圖片分享集散地,可是在幾個月前遭受攻擊之後就再起不能。雖然站長一直說資料是安全的,但經過這麼久沒復站,推測有可能真的是被加密或損毀了。

雖然教宗艾瑞克一世常介紹 freepik,但裡面滿多都是 .ai 與 .eps,我也不太會使用;雖然我的設計能力等級很低,但對格式還是頗有潔癖。

這邊有幾個其他的開放授權 svg 檔替代方案:
- Debian/Ubuntu 系統中有之前從 openclipart 打包的一些圖片,安裝 openclipart openclipart-svg openclipart-png openclipart-libreoffice 等套件就可以使用

最後這一個 public domain vectors 我下載了幾個看都還是 .ai .eps 大家也參考參考

When extremely sensitive data has to be handled in an extremely careful way, #Nextcloud's unique #onpremises Virtual Data Room gives the confidence that data does not leave your control. #onpremise #security

Discover the technology behind LibreOffice, with the lightning talks from our recent conference in Almeria, Spain (links to specific talks in the video description):

Help stop the sale of Public Interest Registry to a Private Equity Firm

Control your LibreOffice presentations from your smartphone! Our community has released a new version of the Impress Remote for Android, with various fixes and updates:

LibreOffice 6.2.8 is now available – it's the last release of the 6.2 family, and includes various bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

LibreOffice has extensive documentation, thanks to our worldwide community – and it's translated into many languages as well. For instance, the Russian LibreOffice community translated the "Getting started" guide:

It's time for our "About Screen" Contest for Inkscape version 1.0! We're excited to see your artwork! The Contest runs from today, Oct. 7, until Nov. 17. Read more about the contest details here: :inkscape: 🖌️

This is, hands down, one of the best articles I have read this week:

"I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)"

Windows 10 is DRM digital RENTAL media. You will NEVER own your PC again.

There are no tasks not to be accomplished with Linux of modern that one did via Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 setup now prevents local account creation; in practice it forces the user to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Read all about this ==>
#deleteMicrosoft #deleteWindows #Linux #Ubuntu #computing #PC #computers #freedom #computerfreedom

Check this out: the LibreOffice and openSUSE communities will have a joint conference next year in Nuremberg, Germany. And you can design the logo for it! Full details here:

Several Taiwanese young men who are trying to save dying indigenous languages and cultures, presented their plans and now discussing with senior LibreOffice developer and TDF board member, Eike Rathke at LibreOffice conference hack night.

Hello from the opening session of the LibreOffice Conference 2019! It's great to see so many community members – and we'd like to say a big thanks to our sponsors as well. Check out the full schedule for the next three days here:

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