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Over 210 European tech companies have signed our open letter to the European Parliament to reject #article13 and #article11. Our businesses depend on copyright and we compete with Google & other US tech companies - this law hurts our businesses!


各位 Facebook 的用戶,大家今天過得好嗎?
歷經 3/14 的 FB、Instagram、WhatsAPP 大當機事件,希望大家沒有嚇得報警 (
而除了大當機事件以外,Facebook 本週也因其他重大相關事件而高據媒體版面,小編在此簡單整理:

美國總統參選人呼籲分拆科技巨頭,競選廣告竟遭 FB 刪除,揪竟這是意外、還是明目張膽的言論審查?(

Facebook 與全球多家巨型科技公司的資料分享協定,開始受到美國檢察官的刑事調查 (

Facebook 旗下三項產品,大當機超過一整天,有更多評論家開始反思網路的脆弱性 (

紐西蘭基督城槍擊案,其中一名槍手沿路一邊殺人一邊用 FB 直播 (



Yes or no.
Right or wrong.
Direct or rude.
Discussing or insulting.

People are talking, accusing the above,
while the real problem is to be thinkful or not.

Tired or Retired?

Of course it wasn't announced, but a free account can now only sync between three devices. No surprise that a company still losing money has to increase pressure a bit, but not fun for the users.

#selfhost to avoid such unpleasant surprises!

Audacity 2.3.1 released, Linux support is back!

* punch & roll recording

* better saving options

* Scrub Ruler is now turned "off" by default

* View > Zoom menu for turning Advanced Vertical Zooming "on" or "off"

* bug fixes galore

#audacity #linux #punchandroll #audio #creativity

(Fully Paid) Summer Internship at the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

The application deadline is 2019-03-15.

I plan to hire two or more interns in the following areas:

1. Innovative and Sustainable Research Data Management and Collaboration;
2. Communal Sharing of Sensitive Data.

More information:


中央研究院資訊科學研究所提供(全薪)暑期實習機會,申請截止日期是 2019-03-15 。請大家幫忙宣傳。詳如上。


LibreOffice 亞洲論壇開始徵求議程!有興趣的朋友請在 3 月 10 日以前將議程相關資訊寄到:

The press release of LibreOffice Asia Conference was published in several medias in Taiwan:

CNA (Central News Agency, starting from 1924, the oldest media in Republic of China and then migrated to Taiwan after 1949.  Now CNA is still the hub and source of news in Taiwan) :

Taiwan Yahoo News: (follows CNA)

Taro news: (follows CNA)

TechNews: (follows press release of TDF)

The First LibreOffice Asia Conference Will Be Held On May 25-26, 2019 In Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan.

This is the first ever LibreOffice conference covering Asia, a rapidly-growing area for free and open source software. The call for papers will be launched soon.

第一屆 LibreOffice 亞洲論壇將於 2019 年 5 月 25-26 日於日本東京舉行。這是第一次以亞洲地區為主舉辦的 LibreOffice 論壇,預計將於二月底以前開始接受投稿。

In a few years before, probably in 2013, a cute and interesting story about this simulation happened in Taiwan. Every time I introduce PhET I always tell people about this story. I'm glad to see this simulation rewritten in HTML5, so that I don't need to deal with Java anymore!

軟體自由協會 2019 年度會員大會將於 3 月 23 日下午二時於 A+A space 共創共享空間 舉行。


文件基金會於今日發表了 LibreOffice 6.2,將 MUFFIN 概念的新介面列入正式功能,提供使用者更好更有彈性的體驗。

The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.2 with NotebookBar, the office suite which offers the most flexible user experience

I guess it's time to update your Android device. Ahem... I meant it's time to pray your manufacturer of choice decides to provide an update for you.

"...that could allow a remote attacker using a specially crafted PNG file to execute arbitrary code..."

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