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@jec I've covered my Mastodon tips before but:

Use lists. Have a "high-priority" or "high-signal" list that's just a small number (10--20) of profiles who post consistently interesting stuff, at low-to-moderate volume. Extend that with another 1--2 lists of moderate to lower interest profiles. Prune and reorganise aggressively.

Disable boosts if necessary. You can limit boosts for a profile. If their posts are interesting but boosts aren't, then dump the boosts.

Lists can also be limited. You can restrict what replies are shown: non, list members, or any followed user.

Unfollow / unlist noisy profiles: Often it's only a small set of profiles which generate a lot of traffic. Their good stuff will tend to get boosted by others, or turn up otherwise. Drama and outrage lose me really fast. Vagueness takes a few seconds longer.

FOMO is overrated. Someone came up with an alternate term that's something like "fear of losing attention" or "fear of lost focus", which is a good counter.

Time-box your usage. Allocating 20--30 minutes at the end of your day is far better than doomscrolling social media first thing in the morning. (Though this is hard to do.)


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We have just released a fully FOSS library that allows you to receive notifications using FCM !

This library follows @fdroidorg rules. It means you can now easily have notifications and be published on #FDroid !


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The more features that are added to the web, the less browser competition is possible! This is essential to recognize.

And Google knows it! That's the whole point.

Who can keep up with Google? Mozilla can't. Apple can't. Even Microsoft threw in the towel and adopted Chromium.


奇怪咧我筆電的 NVMe SSD 才用三個多月 zfs scrub 就抓到 52 個 data error ?? 這有點高得不正常啊

最近中國武漢肺肺炎疫情的新聞和貼文很多,每個陰陽我都要多看兩眼才能確定到底是哪一個 -_-

以前用 TWRP 和 unofficial LineageOS 習慣了,害我覺得更新 Pixel 4a 就是要進 recovery 刷 zip,而且我還自作聰明不相信官方 wiki 的升級指引 ,因為我以為那些都是自動產生的不準確
而且 XDA 上面寫的升級指引就正是進 recovery 刷 zip
結果刷了 zip 就 bootloop ,還好有 A/B slot 讓我回到原本的 slot 思考人生
最後才想說試試內建的 Updater app ,馬上就成功了…
我現在終於知道為什麼我前幾個月自作聰明把 AB slot 都刷 zip 害我最後要 factory reset 了……

筆記:在Linux上面要加入一個 M$ Teams 通話,Firefox可以試試這個插件 ,但目前似乎已經不管用了。
更簡單的方法就是直接開 Chromium ,我沒想到微軟會開放這點。

Painting Tech Dystopia: How the West tells itself fairytales about Asia - and believes they are real

之前越獄了要實驗用的 iphone ,很驚訝越獄之後 netflix 和電子書的 app 居然都還可以正常使用誒

Okular 雖然可以加簽名,但是不知道為啥加上去之後只有 Okular 自己看得到…這什麼設計…
Linux 上面在 PDF 上加手簽名只能用 Xournal 了

特別推薦 XSuspender 這個程式,可以用於好好治理吃資源的 Electron 應用程式(如 Slack, Wire, Signal 等),原理非常簡單暴力:視窗離開 focus 的時候自動用 kill -STOP 暫停該程序,使用者點視窗 focus 的時候馬上恢復程序 kill -CONT 。如果一直維持在背景沒有 focus 的話每隔一段時間喚醒他一次做一點事情。
最近幫朋友救援了一顆 macOS 加密的硬碟,順便學了不少東西,記錄一下。

恢復網路連線之後,sudo apt update, 再安裝一些常用的套件就可以了,其實原本的套件也可以一併移植過來,但我想說之前裝了很多測試實驗用的東西現在不用了,打算重新開始。

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10. sudo rfkill unblock all && reboot 回復 wifi 網卡
11. 編輯 /etc/network/interfaces:
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
恢復 wifi 連線

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5. 把新的記憶卡插上電腦
6. blkid /dev/sda2 得到 PARTUUID,寫進 /etc/fstab
7. 記憶卡插回 rpi3 ,還是開不了機
8. 找到 這篇,先進 init=/bin/sh 一次,然後關機,移除 init=/bin/sh
9. 再插回 rpi3 ,就可以開機了
第8步的時候其實不需要修正 fstab ,因為我先前寫的就是正確的了,但我其實不是很懂為什麼進一次 init=/bin/sh 之後就可以正常開機

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