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第0期:[ 【軟體自由電子報 第0期】歐盟《數位市場法案》與互通性](
第1期:[ 【軟體自由電子報 第1期】專訪政大「開放設計研究社」](
第2期:[ 【軟體自由電子報 第2期】無用之用,即是好用:專訪 A+A Space 團隊 ](

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Liberapay now better handles some languages. In particular, Simplified Chinese is now supported in addition to Traditional Chinese. This support is based on the OpenCC library[1] and includes the automatic conversion of profile descriptions from either form of Chinese to the other one depending on the preference of the reader.


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Fediphoto Lineage is an app for Android phones which makes it as easy as possible to share photos on the Fediverse. You can follow at:

➡️ @fediphoto_lineage

It's available through @fdroidorg and has a page at

It's based on an app by @pla, who enjoyed sharing pictures on the Fediverse while out and about. PLA sadly died in January 2021, and Fediphot Lineage aims to honour his memory by keeping his project alive.

#FediPhotoLineage #Apps #Android #Fediverse #PLA #FOSS

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0 A.D. is a free open source real time strategy game, similar to Age Of Empires. You can follow at:

➡️ @play0ad

Their website is at, the game's test version is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

#0AD #Gaming #Game #Games #VideoGames #ComputerGames #LibreGaming #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #RTS #RealTimeStrategy #Strategy #StrategyGames #StrategyGame

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What if you could spend this summer defending software freedom? Well, you can! The FSF is looking for interns in our tech team, our licensing team, and campaigns. Apply at #internships2022

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OctoPrint is a free open source web interface for 3D printers, which lets you remotely control them from within your web browser. You can follow at:

➡️ @octoprint

The OctoPrint website is at and there's a community forum at

#OctoPrint #OctoPrint3D #3DPrinting #3DPrinters #3DPrinter #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Productivity

看來 Mastodon 的官方手機 App 因為還在很早期的關係,功能還不如其他第三方的 App 多Orz

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As you may have seen, @pixelfed has made changes to its software so that it is now compatible with most Mastodon apps.

This means (if the new feature is working correctly!) you can log into your PixelFed account on a Mastodon app, as long as your PixelFed instance has updated to the latest version of the software. Ask your instance admin if you're not sure.

The Mastodon app compatibility is brand new so it may have bugs. The PixelFed team has asked people to let them know if they have any problems.

Alternatively, there's a dedicated PixelFed app for Android called @PixelDroid which is available from @fdroidorg. There's a guide for installing F-Droid at

Also, there's an official dedicated PixelFed app on the way for Android and iOS, though it hasn't been released yet.

#PixelFedTips #PixelTips #FediTips #Fediverse #Apps #Mastodon

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BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, letting you review books, share reading lists, discover new books and interact with other readers. You can follow at:

➡️ @bookwyrm

The website is at

There are lists of instances to join at and

You can follow BookWyrm accounts from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse

#BookWyrm #Fediverse #Books #Book #Reading #Literature #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives

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After some deliberation we decided to go with Zhuangzi (莊子) for the next alpha name!

Thanks to all the voters!

#indiedev #gamedev #opensource

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今天一時興起簡單拆解了一下全家的 app:
1. 有 root 偵測和 SSL pinning ,但可以很簡單用現成的 Frida script 繞過
2. 大部分的功能就是個 webview
3. 有追蹤器 igodigital 和 ,pi-hole 都有阻擋了
4. 最重要的友善食光地圖也是 webview,可以直接用瀏覽器開

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試用了 GrapheneOS 一個禮拜的心得:
1. 完成度意外地很高
2. Google Camera 可以正常運作
3. 裝了 GrapheneOS 提供的 sandboxed google play compatibility layer , Google Maps 可以正常登入運作
4. 在系統登入了 Google 帳號,但是內建的通訊錄仍然是空的
5. 下載 Google contacts app ,仍然無法偵測到系統已經登入的 google 帳號
6. 最後發現需要使用 Davx5 讀取 Google 日曆的 CardDAV ,通訊錄才能和 Google 同步。同步效果相當好,大頭照都可以正常顯示
7. 內建的定位服務只能使用 GPS ,沒辦法安裝全系統的 network location provider
8. Google maps 中無法取得目前位置,應該是因為室內沒有 GPS 訊號
9. Google Play 版本的 Telegram 可以正常收到推播通知


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練習翻譯的好去處 elementaryOS,很多基本程式,很多簡短詞語。

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Public Money, Public Code!


此文初稿寫於五月,經過一個多月與 OCF Lab 努力修改並投稿,於今日在 報導者 The Reporter 發布。很高興知道此文發布的同時「台灣社交距離」的程式源碼已經於 Github 上公布了!我們肯定 AI Labs 的做法,也希望大家一起來督促政府,將使用納稅人的錢(Public Money)所開發、購買、租賃的軟體與系統都以開放源碼授權發布。(Public Code!)

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Better knowledge of letter names and shapes helps children in learning to read. Make learning alphabets fun with GCompris (

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